Retinal Photos

Studies show that 45% of all patients with diabetes are not aware they have diabetic retinopathy, so the non-mydriatic digital cameras can play a very important role in patient education there is nothing like seeing your own retinal images. It also helps improve patient compliance with a lifestyle change (diet or medication adherence). The non-mydriatic retinal camera does not require that the patient’s pupil be dilated and makes it easier for patients to be able to drive their cars after having their eyes imaged. This means non-mydriatic cameras help to dramatically in identifying even the smallest changes to the retina.

It is important for patients to see their eye specialst every two years if they have a history of retinal or any of the 40 systemic health issues that can be detected with a retinal exam.

Retinal photos are an additional service by Wing Eyecare that the doctor typically recommends. If you are interested in the screening please contact one of our offices for more information.

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