Glaucoma Screening

GDx Glaucoma Screening

This valuable test is offered as a part of our eye exam – at no additional/extra cost.

Over 1 million Americans have it but don’t know it. Losing vision means missing life. Left undiagnosed and untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. Wing Eyecare now has the ability to detect glaucoma with the revolutionary Zeiss GDx exam.

The Zeiss GDx exam actually lets your doctor see the pattern and thickness of the nerve fibers in the back of your eyes, then compares the results to normal values. If your nerve fibers are thinner than normal, this could indicate glaucoma long before any vision has been lost. As a result, we will have more time to treat the disease.

Our GDx exam is a quick and comfortable part of a complete eye exam. You simply look into the GDx system while it safely scans the back of your eye. The screening will usually take less than a minute, and provide easy to read images that our doctors can quickly analyze.

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