What is SolutionReach?

Solutionreach is a third party business associate that we use to facilitate communication with our patients using cell phone texting, email and voice mail.

How is SolutionReach used?

Through this useful utility we are able to provide our patients with appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, eyewear arrival notifications, limited newsletters, and more via phone calls, text messaging, and emails. We’re also able to obtain feedback through patient surveys.

If you have a specific preference of how you would like to be contacted, please give us a call and you can give us authorization to either send you messages by text, email or even by calling your land line at home. We are able to customize your delivery settings to meet your needs. You can always Opt-Out or Unsubscribe from the messages, however, we encourage you to keep your cell phone and email enabled in our office because it will allow us to remind you of your upcoming appointments in a timely manner, allowing you to confirm your appointment with just a click or quick text reply. No bothersome phone calls will be made to interupt your busy day! If we have a valid email on file, you will be able to receive post appointment surveys and can give us valuable feedback from your last appointment. You will also be able to receive limited newsletters (typically once a month) with information about upcoming events and promotions. We never share this information with any other parties. All of this will benefit you by making communication with our office quick, simple and convenient.

Is SolutionReach HIPPA compliant?

Yes, SolutionReach is HIPPA compliant.

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