Optikam – Digital Eye Measurements

Wing Eyecare was the first eye care practice in the Tri-State to use digital imaging technology for precise eye measurements. Wing Eyecare’s technicians will take 10 unique accurate digital measurements of your eyes and face. Most eye care offices use rulers to calculate measurements, which is not nearly as accurate or reliable, leading to inaccurate fabrication of the eyewear. With Optikam digital imaging this risk is greatly reduced, giving you a better-quality pair of eyeglasses and the best visual experience possible.

Optikam will then help you decide which eyeglass frames you want to order. We can show you a comparison of multiple images showing you wearing different frames at the same time to help simplify your selections. With Optikam, you can preview the finished glasses BEFORE ordering them!

Finally with lens demos and augmented reality, Optikam will be able to help educate you in selecting proper lens options such as non-glare (anti-reflective), photochromic, polarized, and transitions lenses. Our software will actually show you why it is important for your eye health to have these lens options.


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