Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses

Two week replacement contact lenses have the least compliant modality. Many patients forget when to replace their lenses on a two week schedule. This can lead to over wearing your contact lenses. Over wearing contact lenses is very unhealthy for your eyes. By extending the wear of your contact lenses you can restrict the amount of oxygen that reach your eyes. This could possibly lead to a corneal infection. Replacing your contact lenses every two weeks is critical to your Eye Health.

Dr. Charles Slonim an opthamologist and University of South Florida professor says People often use razors to the point where they can’t be used anymore — you often throw it out once it cuts you. Then you know it’s no longer good. You don’t have that option with contacts. Once you get to the point where it hurts, it could be too late.

Bi-weekly contact lenses are:

  • Available for astigmatism and multi-focals
  • Available in high-oxygen silicone/hydrogel materials.

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