Your Future As A Wing Eyecare Optometrist

Dear Doctor,

Wing Eyecare is a private, group practice with sixteen offices located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Our history dates back to 1914 to when Optometry first became a licensed profession in Ohio. Our success and longevity is attributed to our complete focus on patient care and their positive experience at Wing Eyecare. Emphasis is placed on providing comprehensive eye care to all our patients; simple refractive issues to managing complex medical conditions. Providing exceptional care to our patients is facilitated by our dedicated office staffs, insurance department, optical lab and corporate office.

Our doctors are able to practice and prescribe according to their judgment; prescribe contacts without formularies, order tests as necessary and manage patients in their best interest. We continue to grow as a company but are able to maintain the independent, family atmosphere.

You will receive an excellent salary along with profit sharing and full benefits including 401K plan, paid vacations, medical and malpractice insurance, license and continuing education reimbursement and more. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact me using the form below or call at (513) 921-8433.


Thomas Nagy O.D.
Director of Professional Services
Wing Eyecare

For more information regarding optometrist benefits and opportunities, download our complete doctor brochure clicking here.

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