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5 Signs Your Glasses Don’t Fit Right

When you order a pair of glasses, you may be mostly concerned with the prescription or how the glasses look on your face. But another important factor to consider is how they fit. Glasses that are too loose or tight can become a constant annoyance or even cause physical discomfort. Here are the signs that…

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Why Dilated Eye Exams Are So Important

When scheduling your eye exam, consider that you may take a dilated eye exam. While it may seem minorly inconvenient to you, as it temporarily affects your vision, a dilation exam is an important part of eye care that you need. Below is a brief guide to why it’s so important. Ability To See More of…

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Wing Eyecare Acquires 2 New Locations!

On October 1st, Wing Eyecare officially acquired two more practices bringing their total to 18 offices in greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. Both practices were owned by Dr. Jack Bridge in Oxford and Fairfield, OH. Dr. Bridge will continue to see patients in both locations. Starting in 1973, the board-certified optometrist and opticians have offered…

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