Digital Lenses

Digital Lenses

Wing Eyecare now offers a full line of 100% digitally manufactured High Definition lenses for our patients! Partnering with Essilor, the world’s largest lens designer and producer, Wing has invested in state-of-the-art digital equipment, allowing us to produce the finest optical quality lenses available today right here in our own Cincinnati lab. Included in this offering is the finest fully-personalized custom-made progressive lens available including the finest glare-free treatment, Crizal Easy UV! You won’t believe how crisp and sharp you’ll see with your new digital HD lenses from Wing Eyecare! We also offer a full line of progressive designs, a computer lens that eases the stress and eye strain associated with sitting at a computer for hours at a time, a sports wrap lens in single-vision and progressive designs for the active patient, and a single-vision digital HD lens to give patients with stronger prescriptions the clearest edge-to-edge vision they’ve ever had. Come in to any Wing Eyecare office and ask for our best digital HD lens!

Check out our new digital equipment below!

Digital Lens Manufacturing

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