5 Signs Your Glasses Don’t Fit Right

When you order a pair of glasses, you may be mostly concerned with the prescription or how the glasses look on your face. But another important factor to consider is how they fit. Glasses that are too loose or tight can become a constant annoyance or even cause physical discomfort. Here are the signs that you need to change your fit.

How to Tell Whether Glasses Fit

1. Sliding

When eyeglass frames fit correctly, they cling to your face even when you move quickly. When trying on new frames, try tilting your face down or shaking your head a few times. If the glasses slide down your nose, try a different pair.

2. Pinching

On the other end of the spectrum, ones that are too small will feel tight on your face. They may press on your temples or pinch the bridge of your nose. The right fit should be snug, but comfortable, even when worn for long periods.

3. Incorrect Alignment

GlassesThe fit of the glasses is about more than just their size. The spacing between the lenses also varies. If yours are too wide-set or too close together, you may have trouble focusing correctly, even right after you’ve updated your prescription with an eye exam.

4. Headaches

You may not directly notice when your vision is a little off, but your body will still feel the effects. Eye strain and headaches are common. While there are other explanations, it’s worth checking if a different pair of glasses helps ease your discomfort.

5. Dizziness

Problems with your vision can also cause vertigo and issues with your balance. If you’ve ever gotten dizzy from trying someone else’s glasses, you know what this feels like. If you notice this feeling while wearing your own glasses, you should check both the prescription and the fit.

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